Friday, February 3, 2012

T-Shirt Grocery Bags

     I am big on re purposing things if possible. I LOVE antiques and flea markets. I love to go find trinkets and objects that I can find another use for. I sometimes am given t-shirts that are not my size. Sometimes nobody else in the family wants them, so this is a really fun way to put them to good use.
     Taking your own bags to the grocery store is not only good for the earth, but it sometimes even saves you some money. Some stores will give you 5 or 10 cents for each bag that you bring for your groceries. These bags are a fun way to use old t-shirts and possibly even save you money on your next grocery bill.
     They are also great because they are easily washed in the washing machine when they get dirty. Some of the other totes made for the grocery store are a little tricky to get clean.

     The bags are super easy to make.
  1.  First cut the sleeves off of the t-shirt.
  2. Cut the neck out of the shirt.
  3. Using a sewing machine or fabric glue, stitch or glue the bottom of the t-shirt closed. Turn the shirt inside out so that you will have a nice seam when you turn it right side out again.
  4. Use a cute ribbon to cinch the fabric between the sleeve area and neck area to create the handles to the bag.
  5. Use your cute new bag next time you go to the grocery store.
The three bags I made.
Shirt bag made from a child's 4T t-shirt
T-shirt bag made from a child's XL t-shirt.
Shirt made from an adult XL t-shirt.

I know that this has nothing to do with gluten free, but you know that sometimes I feel crafty and need to share. :)  Enjoy showing off some of your personality at the grocery store!!


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