Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine Fortune Cookies (crafty not edible)

     I decided that I was NOT going to spent $3.50 on a greeting card for each member of my family this year. They always look them over, chuckle, and few days later the cards go into the trash. I hate seeing all of that money go to waste like that. SO this year I am making my own Valentines.
    I saw a cute idea on Pinterest to make paper fortune cookie party favors for New Years. I decided this would be a super cute idea for Valentines Day. The fortune would have a sweet message for my loved one. Or in my case....funny messages because I'm more of a funny card person than a serious card person.
       These fortune cookies would also be cool for a birthday, wedding shower, or graduation card(you could tuck some money inside with a cool saying about their future). The possibilities are endless for these guys!!
      I also thought that they kind of fit in with my gluten free world as well. Those silly little fortune cookies that you get at Chinese restaurants are filled with gluten. So even if you are lucky enough to find a Chinese restaurant with a gluten free menu, you don't get to eat your fortune cookie. To a child, this may be a HUGE deal. So it might be fun to make up a few of these and when you are going out to that gluten free Chinese restaurant, bring one along so that the child (or child at heart) still gets to have a fortune.
     The blogger that originally made these has an awesome tutorial, with great pictures on how to make them. You can find her Lucky You Party Favors here.
     I made my fortune cookies extra big. I figured if they were supposed to be greeting cards, I didn't want them small like real fortune cookies. I thought they needed a WOW factor :) Ok, so let's make some fortune cookies!!!
I found a package of scrap booking paper at the store for 97cents. It had 7 different sheets of Valentine paper in the pack.
I used a saucer to make my circles. My circles were about 6 1/2 inches across. You could use whatever you wish to make your circles. OR if you are feeling lucky you could freehand draw them, but I don't recommend that. One circle per fortune cookie. I recommend tracing the circle on the back side of your cool paper, so that it doesn't make any marks on the printed side.
Cut out your circles. Each scrap booking page can make more than one circle (but that also depends on the size of fortune cookies you make)
Put a dot of glue on the edge of the circle and fold it over (but don't crease it).
You want to place your fortune inside of the cookie and bring the two ends together to form the cookie. You will want to place a little glue to hold the two ends together. 
Taaaaa-Daaaaaa you have a cute fortune cookie.

     Ok, so let's talk fortunes really quickly. In my opinion the fortunes were the hardest part!! I wanted something funny and Valentine related. So I just did endless google searches for funny fortunes, funny valentine quotes, funny love quotes etc. You can also do a search for fortune cookie sayings. You could put in your favorite quotes as well.
     I cut strips of my leftover scrap book paper and hand wrote my fortunes in pretty pink marker. You could make them in a word document on your computer and print them out. I chose a more handmade approach. Here is a little sampling of the fortunes inside of my Valentine Fortune Cookies.....

I love you more than bacon!!
Marriage is being able to annoy one special person for the rest of your life.
Don't be afraid of how awesome you are!
I love you like a fat kid loves cake.

     I hope that you have fun making the Valentine Fortune Cookies. I know that I enjoyed making them for my loved ones.


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