Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to survive the holidays while gluten free.....

     Holey cow the holidays sure are sneaking up on me!! Last I looked it was summer and I was enjoying my flip flops and sunshine. Somehow it has turned colder, the days are shorter, and it's time to think about holiday foods.
     The holidays are tricky times for those of us who have to eat gluten free. Gluten is hiding everywhere and food is more than plentiful this time of year. Everyone is having a family dinner, work get together, holiday celebration with friends, cookie samples at the get the picture..everybody is forcing food at you! ha It is hard because not everyone understands why you don't just eat ONE of Aunt Betty's cookies, or a little of their world famous chicken and noodle soup (you can just pick out the noodles can't you? haha (no you can't for anyone who is confused)) We have all had the food pressure from people and you just have to stand your ground. It's what is best for your health.
     I find that this battle is easiest when you are prepared. You have done your research. You have cooked ahead of time. You have brought your own plate of food to the dinner. You have baked a dessert that is safe for you. You tucked a bag of snacks in your purse "just in case". Planning ahead is key to getting through the holidays safely.
     I do battle with the holidays by cooking my own meal and taking a plate to dinners. I usually bring a dessert to share with everyone.  That way I am able to enjoy a meal with family and friends without being sick in bed following. I sometimes even find out what is being served and make a gluten free version of the meal so that I'm not eating tacos when everybody else is having roasted turkey.
     I have even started buying the supplies for my Thanksgiving dinner. It seems that right before turkey day some things are nowhere to be found on store shelves....things that are KEY to making my turkey day dinner. SO I have stocked up on poultry seasoning (key ingredient in my dressing recipe), corn meal (also key for the dressing), boxes of broth (they were on sale this week!!). I'm planning on getting my turkey next week.
     I talked a little about this on facebook today. You want to be sure that you get a gluten free turkey. It seems so silly that gluten would be in a turkey...but it happens. Lame, right?!?! They like to pump turkeys full of junk to make them juicy and tasty and sometimes that involves gluteny grossness. So be sure to read the label on your bird before you put it into your shopping cart. I like to buy Honeysuckle White brand turkeys. They clearly label them as gluten free and they are a yummy moist juicy bird. I snapped a picture of the packaging today while I was grocery shopping so that you would know what to look for.......this is where you say thank you to me for looking like a weirdo taking a picture of the frozen turkeys in the crowded store!
Honeysuckle White Turkeys clearly state gluten free on the that!!
If you look closely you can see that it says "No Preservatives, No gluten, No msg"
     So the key to surviving the holidays is planning. You absolutely have to plan ahead. Otherwise you will end up eating something that you will regret. I have several Thanksgiving recipes already posted on the blog from last year. They are tested to be yummy and safe. Look them up and give them a try...I don't think you will be disappointed.


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