Monday, January 9, 2012

Are you sitting down? I found gluten free Froot Loops!!!

     I have something to share with you, but I need you to promise that you will keep calm. Are you sitting down? Ok good...... I received a sample in the mail today. It came from Freedom Foods . Inside of this package was the gluten free version of Froot Loops!!! (hey now, you promised to stay calm!! Stop jumping on the couch!!)
     I had entered a contest to try to win a supply of this amazing cereal. However I wasn't the big winner. BUT the company was super generous and decided to send out samples to people who "liked" their Facebook page during the contest time. You just had to request the sample via email. I would say that was super nice of them. Most companies don't care if you didn't win.
    Today I was graced with this box of samples. I love the mailman on days when he brings me packages. Inside the box were samples of Freedom Foods rice puffs, corn flakes and......(insert drum roll) TropicO's.
    I felt a little like a kid again when I saw the TropicO's. They were colorful (not the creepy, neon, processed color of their gluten filled brother). They smelled fruity. I couldn't get a container fast enough so I could douse them in some milk.
    I popped a few dry ones in my mouth and poured the rest into a little cup with milk. The dry cereal was yummy!! The cereal with milk was yummy!! It did soak up the milk pretty quickly, but I did take a couple of pictures of it before I ate (the sacrifices I make for you guys).
   Freedom foods is actually an Australian company. However they are awesome enough to figure out a way to give us a fruity O fix. They are selling through Amazon. I looked and a case (5 boxes) of the TropicO's goes for $20.54 ($4.10 a box) Hopefully we will be seeing these TropicO's in a grocery store near us soon. I would be much more likely to buy them by the box instead of by the case. I just don't eat enough cereal to buy a whole case by myself.
     So that's my new find. I hope you enjoyed hearing about it. If you spot TropicO's anywhere let me know!! I can't wait until they hit grocery stores.


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