Saturday, January 21, 2012

Healthy Licorice???

    I had stopped at Target today to pick up a couple of things. While waiting in a gargantuan checkout line I spotted an endcap that had fruit rollups and these things called Simply Fruit Twists (Made by General Mills). They look just like licorice in the picture on the box. I picked up the box to read while I waited in the looooong line. Right on the front of the box it says "Gluten Free". Ummmm throw these bad boys in my cart!! I don't care if it puts me over the limit for the express lane!! I'll risk it.
     I got home and decided I needed to try out the fruit twists. They are amazingly good!! They are larger around than traditional licorice. I bought strawberry flavor, not sure if any other flavors exist. I would for sure buy these again.
     Oh and I almost forgot to say, they contain a serving of fruit. If you can't get your kiddo to eat fruit, I bet they would happily eat these. You can trick them into thinking they are candy!! ha I love sneaky foods like that.
    I just thought I would share my cool find with you. I hope you can find them and give them a try. Enjoy.



  1. Thanks for posting a great "gluten free" find. General Mills has really stepped up to the plate in the Gluten Free market. I will look for these in the grocery store.

  2. I would agree. They seem to be realizing that labeling things that are already gluten free and creating new products is a good thing!! :)

    Oh also, after searching a little further it seems that these are also cross marketed as a Nature Valley product in the convenience store market. So if you happen to see these on a road trip under the Nature Valley brand (also General Mills). They are also gluten free, or at least were two days ago :)

    Thanks for posting!!