Saturday, June 30, 2012

Minsky's Pizza : Lawrence, Kansas A little gluten free review for you

     I know that this review will not apply to all of you, since many of you don't live in Kansas. However, I had to share. A few months ago I started noticing commercials on T.V. for Minsky's pizza with a little tag line that said something to the effect of "now with certified gluten free pizza". Of course my ears perked up when I heard "gluten free pizza"!!
     I looked up their locations online. They have several in both Kansas and Missouri. I made a little mental note that I needed to stop there sometime when I was in the area.
     About two months or so ago, I had the opportunity to drop in on their Olathe location (159th and MUR-Len). I was on my way home so I got carry-out. I sat down in a chair and waited. My chair just happened to be positioned to where I could partially see in the kitchen (not on purpose). I watched them take my pizza to a seperate area, use a seperate stack of to-go boxes, use seperate utensils to cut it. I was SO impressed. I took my pizza home and had it for supper. It was yummy. I had zero side effects from eating there. I was sooooo very happy with my Minsky's experience. It seems that I always have some sort of tummy issue after eating pizza out, but I didn't after eating at Minsky's.
     Today I had the opportunity to visit their newly opened location in Lawrence, Kansas. I was super excited to hear that Minsky's had come back to Lawrence. I was greeted at the door cheerfully. I was seated and waited on quickly and by very kind and cheerful people. They gave me a gluten free menu to order with. The number of choices were impressive. I didn't feel "cheated" because there were several toppings and options to choose from.....even a dessert on the menu!!
     Their gluten free za comes in two sizes a mini and small. I decided to go with the small so that I would have leftovers and not have to cook supper tonight (oh yes I'm always thinking of ways to get out of cooking supper ha). I ordered the Small Gluten Free Combo pizza (hamburger, sausage, green peppers, onions, pepperoni, and black olives (but I had them swap the olives for mushrooms)).
    My waitress was super nice. She seemed to know a little about gluten free. She said that a friend of hers was recently diagnosed and she has a hard time. She said the friend is also dairy free and vegan ontop of gluten free!! I can't imagine trying to wade through all the labels her friend has to read.
     My pizza came out looking amazing. It had tons of toppings (which I love because I hate when places skimp on the toppings). It had tons of ooey gooey cheese. It just looked yummy!!
Doesn't it look yummy?!?!?!
     It tasted as great as it looked. The crust was able to be picked up without falling apart. It held together like a champ. Great flavor. It was a very good gluten free pizza.
     The real test is of course 30 minutes and beyond AFTER I ate the yummy pizza. Again, I had zero side effects from eating at Minsky's. I applaud them for doing such a great job with the cross contamination issues and keeping them to a minimum. You will definately get my return business because I can eat there without the fear of being sick.
     Minksy's website says that they are trained by GREAT (Gluten Free Resource  Education and Awareness Training), a verified gluten free program. They also of course have the disclaimer that they do their best and try to provide you with a gluten free meal, but there are no guarantees (which of course we all know). HOWEVER, I think Minsky's is doing a great job.
      Thank you for putting the effort into creating a safe environment for people with celiac and gluten allergies to grab some ZA! It really means more than you probably realize. Now if only you were in MY town and could deliver to my door.................hint hint!

Look at all that amazing cheese!!!

FULL of toppings! YUM!

So the moral of the story is......if you are near a Minsky's go and check them out because they are rockin' the gluten free pizza!!


*These words are just my personal opinion and I have not been compensated by Minsky's to say them :)

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