Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meet the newest addition to my kitchen......

     I have been drooling over pink Pyrex for some time now. Today I acquired my first piece of beautiful, lovely, amazingly beautiful, vintage, pink Pyrex. She (has to be a she because it's PINK) is a lovely round 2 quart covered casserole baker. Mine actually had the lid which is rare.
     I brought my lovely piece home and decided to do some research on how much it is worth and such. I knew that I got a good deal, but I wasn't sure HOW good of a deal. Did you know that there are entire websites devoted to Pyrex? I didn't know until today.
     According to Correlle Corner my pink beauty was made somewhere between 1952 to 1957. The official color name is "Flamingo". Pretty sassy if you ask me!
     I look forward to picking up more pieces of lovely pink Pyrex in the future. I would REALLY love to have some of the pink daisy bowls.
     Now that I know a little about my beauty I need to decide what to cook in her for the first time. Any suggestions??


  1. That's actually a very good idea. My Momma's Mac N Cheese :)

    1. Hope you enjoyed it!!! It looked yummy!!!