Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vintage Pop Crate Turned Cute Spice Rack

    I have had this little idea in my head to turn a old wooden pop crate into a spice rack. HOWEVER, all of the pop crates I have found were a little more than I had wanted to spend for my project.....UNTIL Friday!! I was driving down the street and passed a yard sale. Right out front was an adorable Pepsi crate. It was begging me to come and check it out. However I decided it would probably be expensive and I didn't have time. I went on about my errands. I took the same route home and the adorable crate was still sitting out there calling my name. So, I circled the block and stopped at the sale. It was meant to be.....the crate was only marked $3. So I bought it and came home to start my project.
     The crate was a little dusty and had a couple of old mud dauber nests built into the slats. So I took some time to get it all cleaned up. I didn't want a dirty crate to be holding my spices. The rest was easy peasy and I think the end result was pretty great.
I was super lucky and found this crate with the bottle slats still in it for only $3! Just had to clean the dustiness off of it.
Next I just hammered some sawtooth picture hangers onto the back of the crate.

One hanger on each side of the crate. 
And it was ready for hanging and filling with spices. It went great under the Pepsi sign that I got for my birthday last year.

So that was how I made an easy peasy cute spice rack for my kitchen. Once the crate was clean it took about 5 minutes to make! And here is the breakdown of the cost...

Pop Crate: $3
Picture Hangers:$0.38
Total: $3.38     not too shabby :) 

Maybe my idea can inspire you to create something fun for your home. Enjoy!


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