Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cream Filled Evil Chocolate Cuppeycakes and creating awareness!

     May is National Celiac Disease Awareness Month. The American Celiac Disease Alliance is helping to promote awareness and support changes in labeling laws through their "Cake for One" contest. They are inviting all people with celiac to make cupcakes, one cupcake for each year you have been gluten free. Then they would like you to take a picture of the cuppeycakes and share them on their facebook page. Then ask your friends to go and "like" your picture and of course that counts as a "vote" for your picture. They are being judged on presentation, most years gluten free, most unique decoration, and "kids corner".
     I thought this sounded like a fun way to create awareness, so I decided to participate. I have been gluten free for 9 years and 5 months. SO my photos have 9 cuppeycakes and one cuppeycake that has been partially eaten (to represent the 5 months).
     I made devils food chocolate cuppeycakes using Betty Crocker's Mix. I also used cheated and used Milk Chocolate canned frosting. HOWEVER, I totally amped them up because I made a cream filling and pumped them full of yummy cream filling (Think snack cakes of your gluten filled days). They are to die for. These cupcakes are EVIL!! *drool*

Cream Filled Evil Chocolate Cuppeycakes

1 Box of Betty Crocker Devils Food Gluten Free Cake Mix
*I followed the instructions on the box with the exception of : Cut the amount of butter in half and added a small single serving container of plain applesauce to make the cuppeycakes more moist

1 Tub of Prepared Gluten Free Milk Chocolate Frosting
1 Recipe of the Cream Filling

Bake cupcakes according to the instructions on the box and following my adaptations. Allow the cupcakes to completely cool.

Use a pastry bag to pipe the cream filling down into the cupcake. OR you can cut a small hole in the top of the cupcake, fill with cream filling and replace the piece of cupcake that you cut out. You want to pipe about 1 tablespoon of filling into the cupcake.

Frost the cupcakes and decorate if you wish.

Cream Filling   
Enough to fill and decorate 24 cupcakes
2 tsp very hot water
1/4 tsp salt
1 (7 oz) jar marshmallow cream
1/2 cup shortening
1/3 cup powdered sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla
Dissolve the salt in the hot water and allow to cool.
Whip the marshmallow cream, shortening, powdered sugar, and vanilla until it begins to get fluffy. Add the water and whip.

Yummy creamy filling

A great way to fill a pastry bag is to set it down inside a cup!

I used a plain open tip to pipe the creamy filling into the cuppeycakes.
I filled each cuppeycake until I could tell it was "full". I got a couple of them too full and they cracked. OH well, I bet those will be the best ones! :)
Frost with the milk chocolate frosting.

9 years and 5 months gluten free for me!

I hope you enjoy these yummy cupcakes. Also don't forget to make your cuppeycakes for the contest!! Get out there and help create awareness.



  1. LOVE, LOVE, this!!!! Thanks so much! Going to make this asap! xoxoxox

  2. Aww thanks Sandy!! Glad you love it!! Let me know what you think of them!