Saturday, March 31, 2012

Heartland Gourmet Review: Lemon Cupcakes and Garlic Cheddar Bread

     After quite a time connecting I finally received my review box from Heartland Gourmet. Heartland has a glutenfull line and also a gluten free line of foods. I of course got items from their gluten free line. Inside my box was: Garlic Cheddar Bread Mix, Lemon Cupcake Mix, Carrot Cake Mix, Red Velvet Cupcake Mix, Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix, and Gluten Free Cornbread Mix.
     Heartland sells their Mixes on their website. Their price point is $6.99. I have also run across their mixes at Cost Plus World Market, and I think they actually sell the mixes for less than the company does. So if you have a World Market.....check there first for a better price.
     I decided to choose two of the mixes for you today for my review. I picked the Lemon Cupcakes and the Garlic Cheddar Bread. I thought that they both sounded pretty amazing. I'm a huge fan of anything lemon and anything cheesy/garlic (but not lemon, cheese, garlic together ha ).
     I liked that the ingredients needed for their mixes were things that you would have on hand. Eggs, water, oil....nothing too wild. I hate when I have to run to the store just to make a mix. SO kudos to Heartland for knowing that a mix should be easy.
     I started by making the Lemon Cupcakes first. I opened the package of mix and could smell the lemon flavor in the mix. It smelled genuine, not like a lemon cleaning product (points for that). I quickly mixed everything together and got them into the oven. Easy Peasy. I will confess that I did not use their frosting recipe on the back of the box. It sounded lovely, but I didn't have all of the ingredients for it, but I did have a nice can of cream cheese frosting to complete the easy peasyness of the box mix. It worked out great. I would definitely buy this mix again. I thought it had a great lemon flavor, not too overpowering though. Very yummy.
     I next mixed up the Garlic Cheddar Bread. It was also fairly easy to make. However, at one point the instructions say to "kneed" the dough and my dough was WAY too sticky for kneading with my hands (even used the lowest amount of water recommended). SO I skipped that step and kept on using my spoon. I covered the dough with a towel and let it rise for 45 min. I honestly couldn't really tell that it had risen much in that 45 minute time period. After the 45 min. I punched the dough back down and I formed mine into bread sticks. I thought they would be yummy dipped in some pizza sauce. I'm not sure I would actually eat a loaf of bread flavored with garlic and cheese. Maybe I'm weird?!?! (no comments ha ). I let my bread sticks raise for another 45 minutes per the package instructions. I could actually tell they had risen this time. I then baked them and while they were warm I dipped a couple into some yummy pizza sauce. It was quite good. I would make these again as a side dish for some pasta. YUM!
     I'm anxious to try some of the other mixes that they sent out to me. However, a girl can only cook so many things in one day!! Keep your eye out for these mixes and give them a try. I liked them.


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