Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lost Sock Board.......I was feeling crafty

    I have recently been having some renovations in my house. My heater died and a new one had to be put in. Long story short.......the entrance to my attic is in my laundry room. I felt I needed to really clear the clutter in the laundry room so that the workers didn't get things dirty. Well I found a jillion socks that didn't have partners while I was de-cluttering. Possibly a jillion is a slight exaggeration.........
     I did decide to make a lost sock sign. I had seen a couple of different ideas on Pinterest, but not exactly what I wanted. So I decided to design my own. Here is what I came up with......

What you need:
-Wooden Craft Plaque
- picture hanging kit (with wire and eye hooks)
-picture hanging kit or other type of hangers for the back
- Ribbon
- Adhesive letters
-Paint and brush
- Clothespins

Lay down some newspaper and paint your wooden plaque. Be sure to paint all of the sides, front, and the back. I painted mine brown and did a darker brown around the edges to break up the color.

It is sort of hard to tell in this picture because the paint is still wet, but the edges are a slightly darker brown than the front. I let the paint dry overnight and then finished everything else the next day.
I first determined where I wanted my eye hooks and wire to be. I put the eye hooks in first. I used a ruler to be sure that they were level and then installed them both. Next I strung the wire from one hook to the other.
Next I placed my adhesive letters. I had purchased these previously for another project, so I just used the letters that I had. I placed mine at a slant.
I then installed the picture hangers on the back of the plaque.
I made the bow/hanger last. I looped the ribbon through the picture hangers on the back, brought it back around and tied a double bow. I thought it looked cute with the extra ribbon hanging down so I didn't trim it off, you could if you wanted.
Right now I have full sized clothespins on the board. I'm hoping to find some smaller ones at a craft store and then I will paint them colors that match the polka dots in the ribbon. But for now, I just have the large ones.

    This project was super easy and it puts my socks without partners up there for me to see instead of having to hunt and hunt for them. I think I will be much more likely to find their mates now that they are front and center.
     I hope you enjoyed seeing my fun project!!


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