Saturday, October 22, 2011

Heavy Duty Cooking

Tonight I'm doing what I call "heavy duty cooking". I'm having a family birthday celebration at my house tomorrow. So that means I'm the "hostest with the mostest". Which also means......I have to prove gluten free is yummy!! I have to prove that I'm not a dufus for not allowing gluteney rolls to pass through my door. Soooo tonight I am getting some of the cooking done early!! That way the "hostest with the mostest" doesn't have to get up at 3am and then drop over in her gluten free kitchen from cooking exhaustion before the guests arrive!
    Tonight I am making yummy gluten free yeast rolls and carrot cake. Both of which aren't rocket science, but they are time consuming. I made the beautiful pink lemonade cuppeycakes yesterday and they are in the freezer. They will come out tomorrow morning to defrost for the party.
     I am not sure I could do it all without the help of a couple amazing things though. Please let me introduce you to............
My beautiful and amazingly wonderful PINK Kitchenaid mixer!!!

a more recent love in my countertop dishwasher!!

Without these two lovely beasts cooking would be more of a chore. Ok probably not really, but it is sure easier with these two!!

Well the timer says that my break is up and the rolls are done rising. I must get back to the kitchen!! I'll be back later with a recipe for that carrot cake I was talking about.


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