Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thank you for not making it a guessing game

Dearest companies,
     If you are a company who clearly labels your products, then I LOVE you!! If I can pick up your product in the store and it tells me, in plain English, if it is gluten free or not then I am happy. You have then saved me time on the phone calling your customer service number (where half the time you are not in the office, or have no idea what I am talking about). You have saved me time on the computer writing your company (only to get a bot response back). I think clearly labeling is a win-win situation for both of us!!
     I will proudly put your product in my cart. I will be supporting you because you have told me that your product is safe to be in my home. Thanks for doing your part in making my life a little less stressful!


Too dramatic? What do you think? haha Ok ya I know I am not planning on sending this out to anyone, but it did make me giggle to write it. And it is true. I have spent so much time on the phone with companies, or on the computer emailing.

Yesterday I had decided that I needed to pick up one more bag of Halloween candy. So I go UP the isle, back down the isle, then back up again.....I was having a hard time deciding on what to buy. I was trying to buy something that wouldn't tempt me to eat it, but not a horrible candy that would get my house egged and toilet papered. So I guess I was looking for a balance. I picked up a bag of Dum Dum suckers. I was SO very happy to see that they have their bag clearly labeled. It said "Free of Top Allergens" It even clearly said "Gluten Free". They even had a cute little picture to show me, just incase I didn't understand the words. I LOVE this company!! So that was the deciding factor. Their product was the one purchased.
This is the cute little picture on the Dum-Dum's package. LOVE the clear labeling!

 After the candy choice was made, I continued on down the isles. In the rice isle I was again pleasantly suprised! Zatarains is now labeling their products clearly. They have several options of boxed rice flavors that have a little gluten free symbol on them.
Left corner of the box clearly tells me it's Gluten Free!! YEAH!

I was pretty excited after seeing the clearly labeled products in the store. I hope that the trend continues. It makes my life (and yours) less stressful. Please keep in mind that there are more products out there that are clearly labeled, but these are two that I ran across yesterday in my shopping trip. I think that if we keep calling and writing companies and asking for this information more will be waking up and deciding to put it directly on their product.


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