Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas has come early.....I found something amazing.

     I found something amazing. However we are keeping this a secret between you and I. OK? OK! I don't want the world buying up all of these limited edition cinnamon and sugar chips. So keep it hush hush!!
    I had heard a little rumor that Mission had a cinnamon and sugar chip out for the holidays. So while at the store today I had to see if my store had them. YES!!! I bought two bags without even tasting them. However now after tasting them I am contemplating going back and clearing the rack! ha
    I am a huge Mission fan to begin with. Their tortilla chips are my fave! This new flavor is amazingariffic!! I am in hopes that it sticks around long after the holidays have passed. I would buy them year round and I'm sure I'm not the only person out there that would. So Mission Company if you are listening, KEEP THESE CHIPS YEAR ROUND!! OK? OK!
    One more great thing.....Mission has this bag clearly labeled gluten free. I LOVE companies that take the time to label things clearly. I will promote companies like that until the cows come home.
I love companies that clearly label!
     Now I just need to think of an amazing dip to go with these. Apple pie dip??? However, they are quite yummy on their own.
     So remember that you promised to keep quiet about this amazing find. And if you live in my some for me!!



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