Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chocolate Overload Volcanic Cuppeycakes

     Oh my gosh you guys....I'm SO tired. I slaved away ALL day on these cuppeycakes for you. Ya, that's a big fat lie. HA! I made these super simple cuppeycakes today because I was craving some chocolate. They took minimal amounts of my time and satisfied my craving. Now who is going to come and pick up these leftovers so I don't eat them all????
These evil cuppeycakes start with your favorite chocolate box cake mix. I used a Betty Crocker GF mix. I topped the batter with mini chocolate chips before baking. Then let them cool after they were done.
The next step couldn't get much easier....2 pudding cups (I used Snack Pack in cuppeycake flavor, they are even labeled gluten that!) You are going to pipe the pudding down into the cuppeycake (this is the volcanic part)
Pipe the pudding into the center of the cuppeycakes.
Frost with canned milk chocolate frosting (Betty Crocker labels theirs clearly as GF) and then top with mini chocolate chips. Refrigerate and serve cold. easy, but could fool anyone that you spent alot of time on this!
Time to have a little bite...
Oooo look at the middle.....ooey gooey chocolaty yummyness!
     I hope you enjoy these yummy chocolaty cuppeycakes. They are super simple to make and your loved ones will think you spent all day on them.

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