Sunday, August 5, 2012

Craftyness for the Wildflower Garden

     Maybe this post should be titled Pinterest inspiration #9,845. Ha! Seriously though, I just love Pinterest. I recently had run across a pin that used a ladder in a flower garden. I though that was super cute for some extra potted plants to sit on the rungs of the ladder. I have also been seeing at antique stores and such these brightly painted rickety old chairs. LOVE those I meshed the idea together.
     I was driving home a while back and along the curb was this old ladder set out for the trash man. Into my head popped that Pinterest pin so I went back to see if the ladder could serve the purpose for the flower garden. Sure enough it was perfect for that! It wasn't in such great shape for climbing on, but plants aren't heavy like would work perfectly. I took it home and put it out in my wildflower garden.
     The ladder has hung out in the garden, just like it is in the picture above for a month or two now. That is, until Ace Hardware had their FREE PAINT SATURDAY!!! All you had to do was stop into a local Ace Hardware store, fill out a voucher and pick out your paint color (that is the hardest part). The folks there mix up your color and you are out the door with a free $15 quart of Clark + Kensington primer and paint in one. AWESOME!
     I was going to put off painting my ladder until next summer until the free paint bandit struck. I had a vision in my head of my ladder being a turquoise color. So I picked out a Benjamin Moore color called Tropicana Cabana.
It's really more turquoise in person...this picture doesn't do it justice.

     Today was a beautiful day so I decided to start painting. It took longer than I had expected it to take. However, I think that's because I had a smaller paint brush and I was pretty meticulous about getting every square inch painted. I love the end result though. It adds a fun pop of color to my wildflower garden. I also love that it didn't cost me a penny to make because of finding a ladder on the curb and Free Paint Saturday at Ace. (P.S. Thanks ACE Hardware for doing THAT) I just had to share my fun and FREE project with you. I hope you like it and maybe it will inspire you to do something fun in your flower garden.


Check out the pictures of my project:
This was the old ladder "before", not fit for climbing but perfect for a garden project.

This is my beautiful Tropicana Cabana color, yet again not showing the true turquoiseness of it.

Blood, sweat, and tears. Ok, maybe just sweat....sweat...and more sweat went into this project. It was kinda hot out in the sun after a while.

Almost done.....

Beautiful if I do say so myself! :)

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