Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pink Pyrex LOVE!

     Well friends, I'm happy to announce I have another addition to my beautiful collection of Pink Pryex. If you recall I found a beautiful Pink Flamingo 2 quart casserole baker back in April. I feel like I need to send out baby announcements for these lovely pink beauties. Ok, maybe that's a touch overboard. Or is it..... Ok, FINE, I will settle for a blog post announcing their arrival (cue the trumpets and confetti)
Blog readers meet the ladies......ladies meet the blog readers.
This is the #444 big 4 quart mixing bowl in the Pink Cinderella with Gooseberries pattern. These bowls were made in the 1950's.
This is the #441 (1.5 pint) smallest of the 4 bowl set. It is also in the Pink Cinderella with Gooseberries pattern.

     Aren't they just beautiful? It is odd to call colored glass bowls beautiful? Oh well, I don't care if it is. They are beautiful!! Do you want to hear the story of how we met? Ok.....well if you don't then just stop reading here. If you do, then continue on.
      My Mom and I were browsing in a large antique store this weekend. We were mostly window shopping and that's when I saw it....the heavens opened up, the music sounded, there was a glowing light in booth #23 and there in that glowing light sat the beautiful bowls (events may have been exaggerated from actual facts to make a better story).
     I of course had to have these beauties. The big bowl (4 quart) seems to be sort of tricky to find in the sets. I guess it must have been used the most and probably dropped the most. I knew I had to have this one because it was in very good condition. It was also a great price for the two bowls. So they came home to live with me Happily Ever After for ever. The End. (was that a good story?)
     So, I do have some more work cut out for me.....I need to find the two middle size bowls in this four bowl set. I am missing bowl #442 and 443. However, that just means I get to have fun looking for them and shopping for a good deal. I will NOT pay an arm and a leg. That is part of the fun of starting this collection. I was pretty proud that I got these two bowls for less than what JUST the large bowl was going for on Ebay. I love a good deal!

Here are a couple more pictures for you to ogle if you wish:

Well thanks for letting me gush about my new pink loves.


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