Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Old chair with a new purpose.....craftyness!!

    You know that I have a slight Pinterest addiction. Well, this is another Pinterest project. A couple of months ago I had run across a pin for a old chair turned into a planter. Sooo cute. So, I have been keeping my eye out at sales for the perfect old chair. This past weekend I found my chair. It was only fifty cents! It was missing a seat (which I would have removed anyways), but very sturdy and ready to be painted and turned into a planter. I couldn't pass it up.......
I decided the chair didn't need much work before painting other than to wipe it down and get the dust and dirt off of it.
Then I started painting........
Once the paint was dry. I cut a square of metal window screen material and used a staple gun to secure it to the rungs on the chair, leaving a pocket to hold dirt and plants. (The pinterest pin used chicken wire, but you have to purchase a whole roll of that and only need a small amount. Screen can be purchased in smaller amounts and my parents had some laying around they donated to my project).
I then lined the mesh with coir pot liners. I bought 4 round bowl shaped liners and cut them to fit. I shaped them over the edge to cover the mesh.
The next step is to put some dirt down on the coir liners and plant some of your favorite plants. However, summer is almost over here, so I will wait until next season to put the dirt and plants into my chair. For now it will just hold a house plant or maybe a mum when those come into season.
This project was super easy and super cheap. I think it turned out cute and I can not wait to plant some flowers in it next season.

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