Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wedding Gift Craftyness

      A good friend from my college days is renewing her vows with her hubster tomorrow. It is their 10th Anniversary and so they are reaffirming their vows and love in front of friends and family. It's kind of crazy because 10 years ago I hadn't yet met Shauna. So, I feel really lucky that they are doing it all over again and I am lucky enough to get an invite.
     The lovely couple has asked for no gifts. However, I'm a rule breaker and I HAD to bring a little something for them. I decided to get crafty. Shauna, I hope you and Shawn like your gift...if not, lie to me and stick it on a shelf in your closet.

     On with the craftyness............I had run across a pin on Pinterest the other day where the person used crayons and watercolors to create a cool pattern. I have also been seeing cool frames with words burnt into the wood from etsy. I'm also in love with bright pops of color right now. So with all these ideas in my head I came up with my gift. Unfortunately I don't have wood etching kit, nor did anybody else in my family that I could borrow. So I decided to use the wood burning idea and put it into the crayon and water color idea. I would just put my words and ideas into a watercolor that could go into the frame. I decided that the frame would be painted a fun bright color. That way Shauna could either leave the water color inside the frame or take it out and just use the frame. She can use it however it fits best into her home.....even if that is hidden in the dark closet on a shelf! ha

In order to make my water color I used a white crayon, a large piece of card stock, and a bingo dauber (I wanted a more vibrant red than water color would offer).
I used the white crayon to write and draw and then used the red bingo dauber to wipe coloring onto the card stock. Of course the wax from the crayon repels the coloring and you can then see what I drew.

Sample of the end product after the ink is added over the crayon. Let the end product dry completely before putting it into your frame.
Next it is time to paint the frames. I chose two different frames to paint. I wasn't sure which one I would like more with the watercolor, so I thought I would have two options to pick from. Before you paint, remove the back of the frame and the glass.
First coat of paint

Paint it with two coats and let it dry completely before putting the glass and water color into the frame

Shauna and Shawn, I wish you two MANY MANY more years of happiness and love.



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  2. I removed Muhammad Atif's comment because it was just a spam link to a party site....ugh I hate spam. Anyways. Thank you Happy Huntress, glad you liked my idea!! :) Now I just hope the happy couple likes it today...and also hope my friend isn't online today and sees my blog post!! Shauna if you are reading this.....go do wedding stuff and get off the computer!! :)