Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nervous.....I checked the gluten free box.

     I'm headed to a conference this weekend. I'm a touch nervous about the food issue. There was an option when registering for "gluten free". I was of course super excited to see that. I did of course, check that box when I registered. Now I am nervous.
     I'm not so trusting when it comes to random people being in charge of my food. Am I being controlling? Ummm ya, that's me! Am I overthinking this? Oh ya probably. I checked this box a couple of months ago....but now that the conference is here I am worried.
     I will either be served something that is obviously NOT gluten free, or I will be served a fruit plate. Or at least this is how the story goes when I'm thinking about it. I like fruit, however fruit is hard to eat when others around you have yummy pasta and desserts and whatever else.
    I am packing some things to eat though. Just incase! I have a couple of Truebars, Larabars, peanutbutter, crackers and whatever else I can think of. I will probably pack more food than clothes! My food may need it's own suitcase!! ha Ok, I'm not going to pack THAT much.
     I'll let you guys know how it goes.....for now, wish me LUCK!


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